All posts about system and web server administration

I'm not an ops, but I'm using Linux server every day mostly with Debian distribution. I'm learning constantly on managing a server. What I really like is to automate and monitoring things. Posts in this category are mostly Tips and reminder to myself for all the trouble I had (still have) but some posts are also just for fun like puting PHP error in timeserie graph.

Backup strategy and script of MySQL and versioning tool for dev machine

One of my first articles on this blog dealt with backing up MySQL databases on a production server. Today, I offer you a variation of this article and the script to save your PC or development server (mysql, svn, git). Read the post

How to unban an IP with fail2ban

My first reminder of the blog: how to unban an IP that Fail2Ban wrongly banned. This happens to me a lot right now and I never remember the exact command line to reauthorize an IP. Read the post

Using Ansible blockinfile module multiple times in the same file

Once again, I struggled using Ansible module: blockinfile to change multiple sections of the same file. This article is a tips of how to achieve it with Grafana config file. Read the post

Tip to replace text easily in VIM equivalent to Ctrl + F

Vim is a great editor on Linux, but unfortunately the usual keyboard shortcuts such as Crtl + F to replace text does not exist. In this tip I explain the command to make a text replacement in VIM. Read the post

Backup shell script for MySQL databases

Having a strategy of backup information is really important. We tend to neglect it and think about it after the first loss of information. Here is my backup script of my MySQL databases. Read the post

How to color PHP code, js, html in Vim

I use very little Vim editor to develop, but when I have my PHP code in black and white is not very practical. There are several solutions to color code (PHP, javascript .....) in Vim, here is an easy to install. Read the post