Securing phpMyAdmin on Debian

[Paranoid Mode: ON] I think we all agree that the database is the most sensitive element of a site. Installing phpMyAdmin on a server is like exposing this data to everyone, well everyone who knows how to hack phpMyAdmin. Do you have to do without phpMyAdmin? No, it's far too practical, but a minimum of safety must be put in place to sleep soundly.

Manipulate MySQL8 JSON colums Part 1: simple array

MySQL 8 has introduced an advanced support of JSON type and functions. The documentation is complete for the functions but I found the examples not very helpful and too much theorical. The idea here is to show, with a real, but simplified, database some things we can do with this format. In this first article, we will manipulate a JSON colums containing a simple array.

Use linux account to get secure connection to MySQL and MariaBD without password

No need to remember your password to connect to a linux server, SSH keys provide authentication. We can have the same thing on MySQL and MariaDB. With a plugin, the database server trusts the credentials of the linux system, you only need mysql account with the same name as the linux account and the password disappears from the connection. It is ideal on a development server with multiple users and it greatly facilitates the management of accounts, even if we forget to delete the mysql account, deletion of the linux account is enough.