Using Explain function of MySQL to optimize query

When database queries are slow a good approach is to use EXPLAIN to get the execution plan of the queries. But the result is not always obvious. In this post I show you how I use EXPLAIN to solve a real performance issue. Read the post

Manipulate MySQL 8 JSON colums Part 2: simple object

After the first post who shows the possibility of the JSON functions with MySQL 8 on a JSON array, let's talk about what we can achieve with a JSON object. Read the post

Manipulate MySQL8 JSON colums Part 1: simple array

MySQL 8 has introduced an advanced support of JSON type and functions. The documentation is complete for the functions but I found the examples not very helpful and too much theorical. The idea here is to show, with a real, but simplified, database some things we can do with this format. In this first article, we will manipulate a JSON colums containing a simple array. Read the post

How to colorize your MySQL or MariaDB client on linux

In this article I present you a config which allows to put the client MySQL / MariaDB in color to facilitate the reading of the results of your SQL queries. Read the post

Use wildcard to grant rights to table with MySQL and MariaDB

The attribution of right in MySQL and MariaDB is sometimes a puzzle especially if one wishes to have a control by table for a user. It is possible to use a wildcard in the Grant command but its syntax is not very explicit. Read the post

Configuration to stop typing MySQL / MariaDB passwords

Have you ever thought about using the .my.cnf configuration file to make it easier to connect to your MySQL or MariaDB databases? This configuration is very useful when you have to manage several databases and / or several servers. I propose you a presentation of what we can do with it in this article. Read the post

Which format use to store dates in database with MySQL / MariaDB?

There are several ways to store dates in database, the choice is not so simple, especially if you need the timezone. In this article I explain the different solutions with their advantages and disadvantages. Read the post

Use linux account to get secure connection to MySQL and MariaBD without password

No need to remember your password to connect to a linux server, SSH keys provide authentication. We can have the same thing on MySQL and MariaDB. With a plugin, the database server trusts the credentials of the linux system, you only need mysql account with the same name as the linux account and the password disappears from the connection. It is ideal on a development server with multiple users and it greatly facilitates the management of accounts, even if we forget to delete the mysql account, deletion of the linux account is enough. Read the post

Backup shell script for MySQL databases

Having a strategy of backup information is really important. We tend to neglect it and think about it after the first loss of information. Here is my backup script of my MySQL databases. Read the post

Apply CI / CD principles to SQL migrations with Jenkins and some bash

Writing unit or functional tests on code has almost become a standard. Having a server that automates the verification of these tests and deploys the code is the goal of many development teams. Despite this, these good practices are rarely implemented for database schema migrations. In this article, I'll show you how with a little bash and Jenkins, I test and automate my SQL migrations. Read the post