Développement avec le framework PHP Symfony

J'ai découvert le framework Symfony avec la version 1.0 qui utilisait l'ORM Propel. Depuis je n'utilise plus que le framework Symfony ou un ensemble de ses composants pour tous mes projets (pro ou perso). Il y a beaucoup à écrire sur ce framework, dans les articles ci dessous je partage essentiellement sur son utilisation sans pour autant revendiquer "la bonne" façon de faire car les cas d'usage change pour chaque projet.

Use Elasticsearch with Symfony Framework and elasticsearch-php library

Elastic provides a light weight PHP library: elasticsearch-php to connect to Elasticsearch cluster. This Library is an API client with all possible options. It's light weight and lets developer chose implementation to use it. It's a very good alternative to Elastica and his abstraction layer. On this blog I'm using elasticseach-php with Twig to manage my indices and query Elasticsearch. Read the post

Automatically controlling dependencies security with SensioLabs security checker, Jenkins

Today, we use more and more external libraries in our projects. Though it saves us time, it is possible that we may introduce security vulnerabilities via these libraries. Controlling this is unfortunately not systematic, and particularly seldom automated. I'll show you in this post how to automate this control using SensioLabs' tool and Jenkins. Read the post